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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Music world - Aylin Eser

The super talents who dwell among us are born from our race only ,and it takes a lot to recognize the talent they got in any respective field .We see stars among us with their glittering talents and shiny stunts. Either a movie star or an album maker are all under the tent of a talent and they love to be shaped by the pain caused by the obstacles on their way to reach their destiny.
One of them is the singer and song composer from Sydney, Australia AYLIN ESER
I came to know about this young talent via my Twitter
And my interest for music and love towards the singers of pop and all bands made me to bring her presence right here and am happy that finally I can make this possible.
With the burn in her heart and a strong willing desire in her nerves she became known to the world overcoming all the obstacles.

Its never easy to vocals to be notified in this competitive world where the only principle is dominance and she got identified and encouraged by the supporters and fellow guys.
One thing in our lives is to learn from other's motivated stories and one day that motivation will lead us to the success and then that day we will feel our gratitude for such people and feel proud for taking them as our role model and inspiration. They will encourage us by staying in the hearts .

And its my wish and love to write about persons like Aylin ,as what I know about her is inspirational to me and keeping her in here may help me to preserve my confidence and side by side helping the like minded people.
We can know about Aylin by her official website
And we can know more about her on Reverbnation

I would like to support her and being her fan wish her all the success in her further music and other fields.
You can reach her by the following official social accounts
^@Aylin eser twitter
^Aylin eser Facebook
^[Aylin eser YouTube

{All the above images are taken from Aylin eser's official Facebook account and images are subjected to their respective copyright holders.}

I am proud to say that am her fan and happy to blog about her.

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