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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Go to a broken heart it will teach you to handle the tough

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This is the biggest title post ever i chose because i found no short-substitutes to represent it . I am being the one who with a broken heart and my feelings got rammed by the hammer of ignorance and un-loving from the people surrounding me.

I gave my heart to those who can easily breaks it with an ease ,the respect and love i gave them to the utmost and now i know they don't deserve those. I know how it feels when the love is rejected,i know, we all know what the pain will be like. Its an un-explainable agony and mental stress . Deepest feeling of bad and a noway out situation the love we have others seems not enough ,it seems the love of God isn't enough but the thing is when you are broken as a glass-doll in the other hands ,remember there are also hands which will glu you and make those pieces together to rebuild you. All it need is to realise and accept those hands,they may appear very less in our sight when we compare to the one those whom we liked but the fact is they are just like the mirages.And those who tend to love us are like the water-vessels. If we fall for the mirages our chase stays forever for nothing and goes useless that all great effort and if we able to realise,open our eyes and invest that small amount of effort in the case of the vessels we already have then it is more than enough for us.
Never go after those whom we love but are rejected by them. They rejected because they don't like you or your way of living. Think once how you can live with them who don't like your way?.
This is the biggest truth to get comfort in times of grief the love we have from those who loves us is enough and enough.Do not search for the anonymous guilty pleasures enjoy being you and enjoy everyday life.
I experienced the pain and i realised later and now am still loving and learning to live a happy life and i ask God to guide me in that way.

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