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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Being a Celebrity means...

It is the colourful world which we are living now and it all matters is peaking into the luxurious lives and dreaming about being in their place , as a person of honours and the respect they earn being the stars the life of a celebrity is the non-privacy life. Being plotted by the cameras and the screening things they are just busy but when they are home do they live a normal life which is similar to the common man? Do they breathe the same fresh air ?
The life is luxurious and it is the autograph seeking characters but the life behind the screens are the same. Celebrities got the same muscular heart and got the same blood like all of us which is running in our vein network the only difference is they are known to the public and the people and the media won't let them breathe free , the life being a celebrity is not made for all but it is for the real seekers of fame and those who keeps the balancing of the reality and the dreams will lead the life of the celebrity.

But they do have the same emotions and feelings like us. They do chat with friends and love to get in touch whom they love to be with. But, there is a baraccad between them and the others. The love they had is with the restrictions and they can't easily spread it, they love to be surrounded by the four walls like everyone of us,they fetch for the privacy and the life of being the free birds but they can't untie the wings because their life is the one which influences each and everyone of us. Tell me the one name who isn't influenced by a character or a person? The life of a celebrity keeps pinging us daily in the fashion,style and the attitudes. Rude persons get rude and the kind get kind by taking them as an inspirational icon.
Sometimes I dream of being famous and sometimes I dream of a celebrity life and think of being in glass panes of rooms with high category of security surrounded. But the truth is I am happy with what I got and they are remaining as themselves ,when one day if the time changes me and turns me into a celebrity then I can remember of this moment where I took time to write this being a celebrity means...
It means everything ,you can have tasks which have to be finished and the childhood dreams keep on chasing you. Your to - do list is busy with the current schedules if you miss any one then it won't return to you until if it is needed again. Those tasks will leave a small hole and gaps in lives which cannot be seen or noticed by any of the fans or others but the celebrity he/herself only knows it and keeps on thinking about it.

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