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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Back to the Christmas

The year 2014 been a hard crushing one in our lives ,me ,my family and all the love and happiness we have is stolen in the 2014. It gave me a knock on January 1st and continued until today I don't know what to name this year. Today is Christmas and this is the day when I remember in past five or six years back ,we all went to church and prayed and had some fun. But what we are present is completely quite opposite ,no cheerfulness and no intention to go to the church and make a wish. My sis she is fed of making the wishes and she dropped from doing it and slowly even I fall. And I know this isn't any external thing's wrath or any plot of others . This is especially mine own fault and I never regret it.

I know I made a mistake, a sin and I am with the curse and letting my family into the same curse and fall short in the sight of the Lord. We stopped the family prayer and broke the chain and made it into a single piece and I don't know how to rebuild this collapsed building.
My Lord will accept me again and again even am not fit all I have to do is to see Him and to follow him , one thing is clear it is that even we are not close to God in this year (I felt it) but He never stopped blessing us. He did miracles in my career , saved my mom from the death and helped my dad to lift. And I got my many wishes fulfilled side by side of these pains . All and everything is crystal clear that we have to look towards him , and he is ready to shape us back .

The celebration, decorations, foodies and all nothing is left in this year too early in the morning we didn't went to the Church and this is due to the extreme winter(an excuse) and no prayer is said to be done either by me or by my family ,the reports are against us and I can't object them because they all are true. I need my past life of childhood back,I need the songs of praise back, I need the loving kindness and the hand of God back on us but I have to question myself am I fit for this? the answer will be' no ' because I am now the fallen angel and I need the cleansing of my heart and it must be me to bring back the GLORY to my family.

Am not deficient of the sources and no tragedy I see now present everything I have what I dreamed and demanded for . All this is due to the grace of Jesus Christ and I need to back to my knees to show my gratitude.
I am here willing to bring a CHANGE in mine heart and my family too. And I am making my this ,today's little Christmas as the starting point.

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