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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The unfaded beauty◐

The body we have will go wrinkled and lost its charm when we reach a certain age and it do not need to point out that we are drowing the fairness in our age but we are noticed by ourselves. But now am up here to talk about the girl whose beauty didn't faded away and the same charming face glowing still on. And she is none other but the former Miss Thailand and former Miss universe Apasra Hangsakula.

(image source: Apasra official site)
Every girl will be getting worried about the losing of the beauty with respect to the time and increase in the age.What if their beauty seems like the same as when they are young? What can we call that drug or any youth fountain? In case of the 67years old Apasra happend the appearance miracle. She now looks alike the girl in 30s or not too. May be younger than the value , she is the beauty queen where in her the age lost its battle with the fairness she has.

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Apasra is the Miss Thailand in the year 1964 and then Miss universe in 1965. The recent news about her is a viral one when the latest photographs of her appeared in the media and caused everybody amazed about the fairness she has now in her 67 . And her personal assistant told that she did made her hair straighten from wavy and other than it she didn't go for any surgeries regarding the charmness. The look at her beautiness will definitely cause us a surprise .She alnost looks unchanged in her beauty.
Currently Apasra running a beauty spa in Bangkok .

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The longlasting fairness word is true when we see Apasra. And it is nothing but the God given beauty to her and her age isn't altering her looks . And we don't know yet how many people out there whose beauty isn't faded away and drowned in the age. The one for now in the news is Apasra.

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All girls will like to be younger with increase in the time and they keep on worrying about the wrinkles and various changes in their body.BUT girls remember one thing. You can't be a Apasra but still you can be her .The loving kindness in your heart and the girly helping nature existing in your deep heart then you are the one Apasra. And don't bother about the beauty it is you who makes beauty effective but not the beauty itself.

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