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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pro-wrestler to writer▤

All those who saw the PPV(Pay-per view) of WWE Royal Rumble(2K14) experienced a walkout of a champion who held the honourable WWE title for 434 days .He left the WWE for his own personal reasons which are behind the curtain to us and the posts in various news sources stated that he is literally retired from the wrestling and have no ideas of return and addressing him as ex-WWE superstar. His appearences at any events have been going viral in these days .

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Phillip Jack Brooksd aka CM Punk(ring name) is the one who held the title for a longtime and he left the WWE after the Royal Rumble and never made a return. Fans keep chanting his name for weeks and weeks for this Chicago wrestler.And now in the news that phil has been writing a novel ,Thor with the .And thereby its a peace thing to occupy with the comic writing for the kids. Punk is the one who can never be forgotten as a wrestler but i think here is the another dimension yet to be revealed in him as a writer. And if someone is engaging with the love he/she works its a good news . And here wishing all the best for Phillip for his new duty as a writer. We all know that he got married in this year to the WWE diva AJ Lee who is the current WWE divas title.

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