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Thursday, November 20, 2014

↭Christmas-seasonal downloads↭

The starting of the month November is really an exciting one.With a cool welcome of the winter winds and the early nights gives a lot of amusement. Really the season is favourite of the year with all the old memories and thoughts and plannings to welcome the new year. For me three months November,December and January are the most adorable seasons ,since my childhood i love being in these seasons and i hope if it is a forever. But happiness has no limits in my heart no matter how much pains i have in my heart ,i love being in it.

My gadget goes busy with the festive downloads
The wallpapers,themes and keyboard (this year) is going to be my special attractions this Christmas and this is an epic . This year welcomed me with bitter kisses ,the captain pain dominated (still dominating) this year. My colourful downloaded images i love really very much and i have to take the control this year too. Much and much things are my great, the sweet smell of blossomed flowers and the scents i really love all of them a lot.
When i start to download the images i keep the first ones in a showcase. And am really happy this year that i am able to bring my wish here right to the blog. I thank God for giving me this oppourtunity . The above image is my first download in this year 2014, i simply love the way i am upto in this Season.

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