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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nik Wallenda 'The King Of Highwire' - Mission Chicago


You may have never experienced such a breathtaking and heartfalling and excited feat that which is going to take place this Sunday in Chicago.
Nikolas "Nik" Wallenda (35) is 'The King of Highwire' and the seventh generation of 'The flying Wallenda' . Nik took the legacy when he is 13'yrs old.
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This time Nik chose Chicago as his epic event and millions will watch him while he is on wire. This is the most adventurous and dare-loving guy am talking about here. Nik became the first person ever traversed the Grand Canyon on a tightrope in June 2013. And he is the first person to walk on a tightrope directly over Niagara falls (on June15,2012). Nik says this is his 'living' . And his faith in God is really appreciable and the confidence is to a great extent and an un-imaginable support from his family and friends.
Nik's wife Erendira is always beside him and encourages him and they are gifted with three kids Yanni(16) ,Amadaos (13), and Evita (11). All the three will cheer up and chant when their father builds and break the records. The Legendary family is born to do this.

This sunday in Chicago
And this sunday Nik will walk a steepest walk ever a 15degree angle rising approximately,eight stories between the Marina city west tower and the Leo Burnett building. And behold! this is not gonna end in this way ,Nik is wearing the blindfold for the second portion of the walk,stretching between the Marina city towers . He will walk from west to east. And he is going to do this without a net or harness,this is really a daredevil we are seeing here!


The Discovery channel will be live telecasting this feat by Nik which is in the 'windy city' of Chicago. And this will be on air across 220 countries on monday ,Nov 3 , 2014 at 05:30 ㏂ (IST) exclusively on the Discovery channel.
You can watch it on here on Discovery channel
And also at
Now we all going to watch the greatest fat and going to witness it by nail-biting and eagerness ,tune in wherever you are to the Discovery channel on Sun ,Nov2 at 07:00 ㏘. ET/4p.m . PT on the Discovery channel.

This will be the greatest show of all time when we see Nik achieving the greater heights in his path and proudly carry the legacy of the family 'The flying Wallenda' , and he is blindfolding this time in the second portion to represent the one of the Wallanda who walked with an artificial leg since lost the leg due to cancer.
Let us all here ,wish Nik Wallenda a tremendrous success on his walk on sunday. May God be with you and bless you with all the way you take.

PART - 2


On Nov 3, morning 5:30 ㏂ (IST) people like me stick to their televisions to experience something like a spine jerk. The walking Wallanda family seventh generation iconic ,Nik Wallenda created a sensational mind blowing records in a single night not one but two different walks and it is the skyscraperlive ,Chicago. Congratulations! to Nik for building the two world records.

People who chanted for Nik in the windy city astonished when he made a walk on a wire which at a 19° inclination. It was told earlier as a 15° inclination but just moments before his walk Nik told on live that the inclination is noticed as a 19° one to the hosts Willie Geist and Natalie morales from Todays. And there is also a weather reporter Jim Cantore . 
Nik Wallenda completed his first skyscraper walk on the wire between Marina towers and while he is walking he thanked Jesus for giving him the oppourtunity and talked to his dad and he said he would like to take a selfie while walking. But he took the selfie with Natalie morales when he finished his first walk.
Courtesy: @NMoralesNBC

It is very exciting moment right after his first walk he made his second walk in which he is blindfolded and this is an epic. Yes it is really.

The social media been busy with the viral of Nik's daredevil adventure and on the spot he was awarded by two world records which are handed to him by an official.

I feel like my faithrestorement is done by watching Nik's event in Chicago. And we are now have to greet Nik Wallenda on his grand success. This moment will stand high forever ,and Nik told that next year will be the 45th anniversary of the Wallenda's wire legacy and he gonna do a feat . 
And we will be waiting for his next feat until we keep on memorising the nine world records holder's dareness and faith.

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