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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My first inspirational Gospel book-A review

Reading a book is what we all love to do if we are interested at reading. Even i belong to the team of readers, but i read less and write more i know very well that am not a regular reader i fail to read because of the lack of time (mostly wasting it). But still , in an occassional manner i associate with any book i almost read all categories of books but i never been with a humour one.I know a fact and that is

One cannot be a good writer,
unless a good reader

Because we know some and our neighbour know some more and the stranger knows much. If i wanna be the one to never fall behind the race of knowing new things and writing about them i must learn from the seniority. The views of a person doesn't match with the other no matter how much well know about themselves it is like gnashing teeth when one has to agree the view of the other. And therefore it is better to know more and learn more by the reading then only one can swim with ease in the ocean of writing . And here i don't mean that there are no tides in the ocean but in some cases we have to apply others principles to survive.

Since my childhood i am a reader of all kinds of books (especially Gospel of Christ books) . Because their availability is more when compared to the other books in terms of both price and stock. But the thing is in all the 10+ years of reading i only felt that 'just i am reading a book' but its very least times i felt that the author is talking to me . For a time to get passed i grabbed them and i start reading and i end the entire book within 24hours regardless how much big it is(Ofcourse all those are below 100 pages) . That may be an autobiography or a biography or any philosophical i just read it and keep it aside. Some important things which seems interesting to me i adopted them and applied in my daily life and then i left all the other stuff which i felt un-necessary all the years went on and on like this. No book influenced me to a greater extent and empowered me spiritually , i gave attention and i focused good but still there is no contact to my heart by the book i read.
But recently i saw a book which i read online ,which is a Gospel related too. And all the legacy of 10years no touch to the heart flewed away . And it is in Nov 2014 and while reading the book it made me to feel it and it i was feeded by it when i am reading it. And that book is the below one

How to live a holy life?
-C.E. Orr
The book is not a printed version i daily read it at morning times especially 7㏂ or 8㏂ around. And i completed book in three days which i took so long when i compared to past. And i felt this time that i am reading something which is much usefull to me. I read many books but am touched by this , i thank the author for the work .

The name of the book indicates the depths it digged a holy life is a life supposed to lead by everyone who believes in God . Talking about the Holy life it is what the God's prescribed path to all of us and it doesn't mean that the atheists{Who don't believe in God} are unholy even they live a holy life without God but that is different. And living a holy life by having God as a centre is different.
Abide to the commandments , the practice of perseverance etc. include in the holy life adoptation.

In his book 'How to live a holy life' the author C.E.Orr [ChaboEbert Orr] clearly mentions the truths in which we are living now. And to know God, doing according to His will everything is just an awesome work. All touched me and it may touch others too who are likeminded as me. I never thought of reviewing a book because i may be blindsided from good books or may be am not an intelligent . This book it touched me and i felt it all great .

I would like to write down some sentences and discuss on them in my point of view. And these paragraphs are my favourite from the book.

"A little flower grew in a place so shaded that no ray from the sun could fall directly upon it. A window was so situated that at a certain time in the afternoon it refracted the sun's rays and threw them upon the flower . Thus giving it colour and beauty ,and aiding it to bloom."

By reading the above para ,it gave me a clear visual on how God helps us in the indirect ways and how these blessings are blossomed .

About the Bible life C.E.Orr wrote
" A Bible life is the best ,purest,noblest,and holiest life that can be lived upon the earth "

As a reader of The Holy Bible and being raised as a Christian these words are monumentals for me.

And in another chapter Orr quotes us as oh! traveller to eternity
And this is what our destiny is when someone mentions our destiny by such words it will encourages us.

About love :
Love is measured not by our emotions ,but by our obedience,our service

About spirituality:
Spiritual things are higher than physical things ,spiritual relation is closer than natural relation

In a paragraph Orr says that we have to realise the imperfections and make improvements from them in our life journey.

Another paragraph that attracted me is about the SPIRITUAL DRYNESS

"Spiritual dryness is sometimes the result of attachment to the world. Set your affections on things above and not on things on the earth . Unless we live by the Bible ,we can't be spiritual. A little affection for the things of earth robs the soul of spiritual life. In this matter Satan is an excellent reasoner. He will suggest that your desires are only for the glory of God; that you have no affection for the wordly object, but desire it only for God's glory.
Beware how you desire earthly things for God's glory. Underneath may be a desire for self-gratification ,ease, or luxury . If you are troubled by a lack of sensible devotion in worship , examine your affections. Possibly you may find some tiny roots twining around something of this world"

The above case is what i am very familiar with. I have a desire and everytime i tested it there is a word arising and saying 'you are His child and inheritent whatever you do it will be a glory to Him (God).' I fell to this ,i admit that am not perfect because i did fall for sins and earthly attractions and colours. But still i have the fighting spirit by which i can comfort myself with a hope.
All those books never talked to me in this way , that is why this book hijacked me. I learnt myself how to read any book now by not spending much time . And there is a book which is the Word of God THE BIBLE . It is the book of all ,either a believer or a non-believer may read it and learn from it. But still, to know more about this Holy Scripture there must be a journal or an article which explains how to read it and how not to misunderstand it. I only listen to the experiences but not the empowerments.
The word sown in our heart is guarded well with such kind of Gospel readings. But behold! do not get lost by those books which are anti to our faith.

We reveal ourselves to the world
by displaying our books

(image: ©Juliaf ; freeimages)

A good book will develop good thoughts and a bad book will be likewise bad . Don't say that there are no such books which are bad. Let me say a thing here , there are many magazines and erotic books in the store and if we take an erotica and read it, at some point we are struck by the most seduced word and it is so irresistable and we repeatedly read it and immediately follows our imagination and it leads us to things which are not safe (masturbation, an illegal affair etc.)
And this doesn't mean you keep yourself banned from such informative books on sexual education and erotica. We have the need to know about them too. It is natural . But , we have to keep in mind that they won't become our daily habit which definitely leads us to the addiction nature. Read, but be watchfull your heart and emotions learning new things isn't a sin but to know our limits in it is wise.

And those who are addicted to the unhealthy things in this book Orr says it ..

Your failure was not because you could not ,but because you did not

So we must be carefull on what we read and take required measurements to save ourselves from the bad influence ,as we know
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
Discovering alone is not sufficient . If we do not correct a fault that we have discovered,we soon lose consciousness of the fault
Orr says as follows about the TEMPTATION

"It is not sinful to be tempted . We never lose any spirituality by being tempted . It is the slight yieldings that cause a leaking ,a loss of grace. Clearup the vision of your faith a little and take a look of your beautiful glittering crown♚ of life. It is not gold,neither crystal. Do not look at it as such, but see it a crown♔ of life. You will be crowned with eternal life if you will but endure temptation. Think of this in the hour of thy sole trial.Fight on; heaven awaits to reward you."

C.E.Orr says
"An hours workdone in the quiet ,secret power of the spirit is worth more than a day of your own efforts. Keep the roots watered

So here it is clear that we must not be showy in terms of fighting these trials.

About kindness Orr says
" Be as kind as you can be today ,and you can be kinder tomorrow".

Of all the books ,this is the best one in my view. The best is what which helps us to tolerate .

And finally the lovable quote by Orr is the below one. And i have to conclude with this.



  1. Anonymous01:57

    As this is your first book review I genuinely can see how the book reached your interest. I loved reading it Dasari

  2. I am glad Vickie that you with a keen interest read it all. Your encouragement is appreciated:)


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