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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Christian girls and jewellery♨

The nature’s beauty is jealous of a woman’s beauty. They both are the strong competitiors and its hard for us to pick the one. The woman’s beauty is additionally increased ,i mean the beauty looks more beautiful when she is with accessories and other style bags. But coming to the jewellery , these are what a girl is fond of and in love with. Almost all would love to wear jewellery and it is their dream to get more designs. And somepeople will argue in case of the Christian women. That Christian girls must not wear any kind of jewellery. And this can’t that much easily digested with the Christian girls.

I don’t want to give lot of references from the Scripture.And i don’t mean here that to de-value some of the people who don’t allow their girls to wear any jewellery.
But ,here am going to share with you what i think and i know my thoughts won’t count . Whatever it is i have to say what i feel. What i say about this is…

Wearing jewellery won’t distract a woman from God.

And this is why because what actually God speaks about this is.

“TheLorddoes not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance,but theLordlooks at the heart.”
1 samuel 16:07

See what God want to tell us. He doesn’t care for how you are physically is. You may be strong,weak,pretty,not pretty etc .All He need is your inner heart. If it is not good then definitely it opposes God and then God says that Heis away from you until that heart change and washed.
Girls may wear jewellery but those jewelleries must not take the high place before God. One must love God with all pure heart. The willingness to wear jewellery is greater than the love on God then this is the time to realize that the thoughts need to change.
Disobeying God is a sin . He needs (demands) our complete supplication to Him. If that is disturbed or sidelined by any external factor then it is a sin. Let your likes and wantings dont let to ruin your relationship with God. Be beautifull and be blessed.

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