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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Are we alone in this vast universe? - An insight into UFOs.

Science is the knowledge ,the awareness and the inspirational motivation and a development.
Today there is nothing hard to know or achieve when we see through a scientific mind. But,there are some un-resolvable and un-explainable , un-digestable and un-identifiable questionaire cases . Among them the mystery of the UFO(unidentified flying object) stands tall forever. We cannot say that science didn't did much about the UFOs but still these left as un-identifiable.

The topic UFO will lead us to another gigantic challenge case to our science and it is about the existence of Aliens which depicts the 'life on other planet' or 'life in outerspace' .
Many believe that the UFOs are the alien spaceships and they travel from the space to the earth and they are trying to communicate with us in one or other form. And we cannot declare that these are alien ships until they are proved.And in the media this UFO topic is still hot. Mostly the American media concentrate on this.
We can ignore such claims which aren't proved and have evidence .We may sideline the UFOs topic but the trouble is it is not just a single mob saying that they saw UFOs but the list is many and many major profiles in the society which include retired pilots,army chiefs and scientists also some former US presidents so ,we can't consider all of their claims and their own experience as wrong. They had seen something un-identifiable of all of them NONE was and is confident about to say that these things which they saw are the alien spaceships. They seen a UFO thats it. And it is a flying thing (or) a flying saucer cannot be identifiable.And we are not ready to accept the claims as facts until they come to us with a strong evidence

Let us look into the history about the sightings of UFOs .

Sightings of UFOs


Now we know when,where and what people saw in the sky flying high. So these sightings neither a part of a storyline nor a script so,this is true they saw something and they cannot identify it.
And to strengthen these sightings the National Geographic channel hosted a program by name Chasing UFOs here is the information about the sightings of the UFOs in their view
Chasing UFOs
And the latest sight of UFO is in Virginia.The link is provided below
Then it is clear for us that there are something which are flying. And NASA didn't work on these issues .They closed all the related files but in the year 2003 ,a NewYork journalist sued NASA for lack of information he got from them in the documents which are not matched his request. NASA tried to get away with a claim that two boxes of paper from that time had been lost .But Emmet Sullivan ,US district judge agreed with the assessment of Leslie and in March 2007 he declared NASA to continue the research further.Because of all this low-level clarity on the UFOs any topic related to them is always a viral in the media.

Influence of movies in the society on extraterrestrial things
The movie field plays a vital role in developing the belief on the aliens. And they indirectly hacked the thoughts of the viewers and unknowingly we are attracted and pay attention to those things which are on the otherside of us. The creativity and the graphics are the centre of attraction for all these.And the interest in the people about space related movies are increasing. The latest best example is The Oscar winning Gravity movie. Here is the movie review of Gravity by a blogger Vickie.summer
Gravity review
Am not pointing those movies as wrong ,myself am the huge fan of such movies involving the aliens and space. But it is a movie and here this is the reality. We cannot apply the movie gimmicks in our practical life.

US officials who share their experiences on the sightings of UFOs
Not only the citizens but the officers and the respectable persons too share their interaction with the UFOs. Here an insight about what they said…

1)Former US President Ronald Reagon's experience
Ronald Wilson Reagon,the 40th President of US saw the UFOs not once but twice.
●Reagon and his wife Nancy on their way to attend a cassual dinner party in Hollywood. They were late by 30mins and they saw a UFO in the gap time.
●And Reagon encountered a UFO for the second time in 1974, and this time he is in a plane with couple of security people and a pilot. Reagon saw something zigzagging around and he went to he pilot Bill paynter and told him about this. Even Bill and the other two guards saw this UFO. And to the media Bill explained his experience on that day night (10'O clock)in the plane and they discussed about this for many years .

US Presedential candidate Dennis Kucinich's experience
In a democratic presedential debate in Philadelphia Dennis said that he saw an UFO back in 1982 when he was in Shirley Maclaine's (actress) house. And Shirley's assistant Mr.Costanzo and his girlfriend was there too. Dennis said that he saw something and he felt directions in his heart about the un-identifiable thing he saw. And Shirley in her book 'Sage-ing while age-ing' raised this topic.
But some people said that Dennis saw a UAV (unmanned Air Craft) and this is because there were helicoptors later half an hour at the place .

Former US President Jimmy Carter's experience :
Its in 1969 Carter saw an UFO FULL DETAILS CLICK HERE

Regarding on the research on the life on other planet there is SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence)
Official website for SETI click here

How Aliens look alike
There are series of questions associated with the Aliens.Some are here ……
Do the aliens drink acids and respire methane?☜
Do they resemble to our physical appearance?☜
Do they have four genetic codes like us or maybe with eight or twelve?☜
Can we identify them as 'from outerspace beings if we ever face them(in case if they exist)?☜

These questions are a mystery. There is no favourable atmosphere than the earth for a life like us to exist. And they must be advanced or some less than our brain. And when we are unable to recognise them will they reveal to us what they are? Do they have a friendly communication nerve? . Every single question about a tiny thought about the aliens is a jaw-dropping one. Until today NONE has the answer for these.

Scientists are now able to locate some planets which they think there might be a chance for a life to be there. Here let us have a look at a new planet which is discovered . And it is blue in colour and the planet name is HD 189733b
It may contain moisture but this isn't enough for a life.

Making EARTH as a base for research

The only life we know is the one which is on earth, we do not know any other life beyond this

So majority of scientists believe that earth has the answers for all these questions. Like when we search in the places like volconic regions ,deserts and the places where there is no availability of basic needs to live. If one can find a life there then we can believe and can make a statement that there are chances to exist a life in space. But we must not let the earth go un-explored.


I wanna conclude this here by linking to the most important study in the entire history of UFOs and it is called this THE PROJECT BLUE BOOK
Nobody got the proof to show that these UFOs are the alien spaceships. The stories of abduction by the extraterrestrial beings is still a mystery. And nobody has or had ever encountered with an alien directly.
All we respect science and here the science is still in a search. I think, if there exist an alien it will alter the world forever when it interacts with us. If there is NO alien ,then we must never think that all these decades of research investment,commitment and human,material and financial went all waste. We must with a positiveness that we learnt something new as a part of our greatest exploration

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