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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Air umbrella-A ♨ gift for cool rain

We humans travelled from the ancient rock ages to the present modernisation where there is no lookback to our motivating thoughts and the ideas been keep growing and get implemented when struck our brain. This is what happened in China to Chuan Wang who is the inventor of AIR UMBRELLA. Wait ,this doesn't mean this is an umbrella to vanquish the air which surrounds us but it did mean same as of the rain umbrella which we use currently to hide from rain.
Chuan's idea is unique as it is most a wonder in the technology. The world is now under a roof called umbrella to get not wet when the rain falls. But can you guess without any cloth or silk work above your umbrella you can still get not wet? . This sounds interesting but bit impossible we may think .By the end of 2015 we have to witness it ,because it is going to happen.

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A small stick like thing will be in our hands to save us from rain. And it looks like a deo.spray can and flexible to hold . Small in size but work is greater. When we carry it ,the air umbrella blows rain more than 3 feet away from us in a circular form. And it is stylish and handling is easy. Need to charge its battery for 15-30 minutes and see the wonder, there is no doubt in saying that it will replace the present day old-fashioned umbrella which is hard to carry for some people. If you are one among those hardcarriers then get ready to get amazed . Maybe other pedestrians will be jealous of you and some may say that you are the reason for getting them drowned but not the raindroplets. If you are ready to face these all then the technology from China is ready to charge you with excitement .
The designer got the idea from the deviating of the water falling from a roof to the ground. He thought how it could be if the air-flow is at the centre and surrounding with the water? . That idea gave a birth to our new mate AIR UMBRELLA .

Lets wait until the 2015 ,and feel the magic.

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