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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WWE-summerslam . John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar match review

The Wrestlemania-30 left a big shocking in the entire WWE Universe. As the phenom, The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania is conquered by Brock Lesnar and made it as 21-1. This is the biggest defeat of the decades. And still, viewers are visualizing those moments. And of course it is all part of the storyline but it's hard to digest this fact that such a greatest legend of all time is honored with a loss and that too to a guy who is called as a 'part-timer' in the company. And of course, he is a former UFC champion and guy got talent and hence is the greatest heel in the business.
But what happened at the WWE SUMMERSLAM-2014 is the shocking recent news too.
And it is this match for the WWE world heavyweight title between John Cena and the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar.

World's Showcase | WWE - SummerSlam2014

As said by Brock early in the episode(s) of Raw that he will make Cena undergo pain and remain him in the ring motionless.And Cena responded to it by delivering hard words that Brock has to beat the hell out of Cena's body for a victory. And on Sunday 17th August. Brock completely proved that his words are not only words but they do work in the ring as the swords. Because it is so unGodly and merciless attack that Cena took 16 German suplexes in the Hands of Brock. And that almost made Cena go his brain off.

World's Showcase | WWE - SummerSlam 2014

But still Cena tried to counter attack Brock he delivered his favorite AA but that is just an ant-bite to Brock. He didn't even give Cena at least an inch gap to take control over the match.
Later it is all happened Cena lost to Brock by losing his title(s) and left in the ring beaten. And this is the biggest defeat in Cena's history.

Nobody expected this is going to happen at SummerSlam. Because Cena is the guy who never backs down and never gives up. But, in the match, the domination of Brock is in such a way that Cena is just there to receive beatings from Brock. And even this is all a part of a storyline but it is an undigestable fact to Cena fans (including me).

World's Showcase | WWE - SummerSlam 2014

Saddest moment ever:

Every champion has to get defeated at some point but it must not be like the sad storylines which we have experienced in the Undertaker's match at WM-30.
And am sad that why the WWE universe started booing Cena when he is assisted by WWE officials for the medication. Cena is the greatest fan thing. Many millions support Cena. But what happened at SummerSlam is an upsetting one.

World's Showcase | WWE SummerSlam 2014

Whatever it happened. John Cena is the champion even with OR without the titles. He is the iron man, the one who never gives up and Hustle, Royalty, and Respect are with him forever. After the lost, Cena has tweeted as follows.

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence." Colin Powell— John Cena (@JohnCena)August 18, 2014.

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