WWE - Shock Of The Year 2014 - World's Showcase


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WWE - Shock Of The Year 2014

World's Showcase | The Undertaker

April 06, 2014.

 It is really the black day in my sight in the field of wrestling entertainment. The show of the shows Wrestlemania-xxx, the phenom Undertaker had lost his greatest streak of the 21 years. 

When he was there in the middle of the ring lying down and got lost to the Brock Lesnar. I couldn't believe my eyes that he lost. Because it's the greatest platform of the phenom to pick a victory, every time he is the only one who beats and stands up with all the power.

 But this year's WrestleMania disappointed not only my heart but also millions of fans out there. Whatever it is, it just happened. And I dedicate this post to the dead man the undertaker he ruled the WWE by his legacy.

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